Baked a cake for a friend

I baked a cake for a friend today. We drank tea and sat on my mother in law’s porch watching the blue birds feed their young. It will forever be one of my favorite days I look back on the year I didn’t work, where I figured out a moment for me.

Yes, I wish that big porch with the big lovely yard had been my own. Yes, I wish when we forgot my son’s clothes for his spring concert I could have popped out to the shops nearby and purchased clothes instead of shopping at The Good Will (or driving all the way home).

But for those forty five minutes as we and the dogs sat watching the birds and the birds stood eyeing our cake and grabbing the blueberries we set out instead, as we sipped tea and talked about our weekends and all that went awry, my oh my, I figured out how, for just that one moment, to just breathe in what I do have. Nice.

Photo by Stephanie Humphrey —
Olive oil almond cake by me. Photo by Stephanie Humphrey. Recipe from Sassy Radish.


Photo by Stephanie Humphrey


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  1. I can still taste that wonderful cake. I am so glad to have been a part of one of your favorite days of the year; it was a beautiful calm afternoon. I cannot wait to read your writing here on this blog! Wonderful job and thank you for using my pictures! Yay Lorri!

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