Double Duty

Today I lined all the bedroom drawers with gift wrap paper from the Container Store and then covered them with clear plastic shelf liner. They have adorable drawer liner, but it’s scented. The unscented liner is white. I wanted adorable. So I did double duty on each drawer. Gift wrap then plastic shelf cover. Dogs in my son’s room. Grey dots in ours. A black pattern that matches in the office and a wee little French girl riding bikes and a black chat and un café for the kitchen towels. It was a five hour job. I couldn’t stop once I started. My back went into spasm at the end of it. The dishwasher was still full, breakfast dishes were in the sink and I’d had a cereal break for lunch. Yeah, there were no dinner plans in motion. All but two drawers were lined when my family got home. You can’t see a thing because they are covered in clothes and towels. I mean no irony when I say, very satisfying work.

Gift wrap and clear shelf liner (mine is ribbed for her pleasure–and because it was on sale–get yours without and you’ll see the gift wrap even better!).
See Spot?

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